Women's Leadership Network - Brown Bag Lunch

The Power of Positive Intention: Professionally & Personally
Kate Hannum-Rose, Director of Communications at Thirty-One Gifts
Think of all the moments you spend critiquing yourself. Your life. Or even others because they fall short of your idea of perfection. It isn’t uncommon for you to feel as though your life is about to unravel and feel as though you’ve hit rock bottom when you experience negative moments or stumble on life stressors. So, let’s imagine that instead of allowing your inner voice to deplete your joy, you could train it to find wonder and satisfaction in every single day….no matter what is happening around you.
Kate can relate. She uses both her professional and personal experiences help others know how to overcome what you may think is the end, but really, it’s just the beginning of something incredible. Her humor is smart and funny, all while remaining authentically inspiring. Through this interactive discussion, Kate will leave you feeling ready to take on life’s obstacles all through the Power of Positive Intention.

Join the Licking County Chamber of Commerce for our new bi-monthly "brown bag" lunch series brought to you by the Women's Leadership Network. Bring your own lunch.