LUNCH-N-LEARN: Personality & Perception in Business

Do you wonder how to make business meetings more productive, or whether people understand your ideas?  This Lunch-n-Learn will provide some insight into the impact of perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs on business decision-making and profitability.  

Gary Monti from the Center for Managing Change will discuss psychological diversity in business, including the strengths and challenges we all bring to the situation. Gain a genuine understanding of individuals with whom you work, and see how realistic, empathetic application of this information creates stabler, healthier business relationships essential to success.

Learn how to become a respected, effective leader through empathy, discipline and encouraging movement towards important goals.

Plan to stay and enjoy a FREE day of coworking. 


 Gary Monti has worked internationally in change management, business analysis, project management, and human dynamics as a teacher, mentor, and consultant, since establishing his firm, Center for Managing Change, in 1984.

His proprietary change management process, The Business Triad, helps clients increase profitability by addressing changes needed in the business plan/case, associated project management, and the people and politics.