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May 4 Message to NEWORK Community:


Subject: The New Normal at NEWORK Space 


Dear Members and Guests,

With the safety of our managers and customers as a priority, and in compliance with the Ohio Department of Health Director’s Stay Safe Ohio Order, we are taking a cautious approach to reopening this week. For the time being, we will be operating according to these new procedures.


 To do your part during this transition period, we ask that you:



We will further adjust operations in order to protect our community. We thank you for your patience and understanding with us during this period of transition to a new normal.  

April 30 Message to NEWORK community:

Subject: Planning for Reopening at NEWORK Space 


Dear NEWORK Members and Guests,

We hope you are all staying healthy and safe during these stressful times. We have been staying home to do our part to stop the spread of disease. Thank you so much for doing your part too! 


In accordance with Governor DeWine’s orders, we are planning to reopen on Monday, May 4.  We will open in a cautious and gradual fashion, keeping the safety of our Managers and our customers as our top priority. By making some changes to our physical space and our operations, we are confident that we will be able to continue providing a safe and professional workspace for remote workers.

Seating will be more limited on all three of our coworking floors. Our community managers may not be at the front desk constantly during business hours as in the past, but one of us will be available by phone or text, and we should be able to meet you at the Space within an hour. We do expect to be at the desk at the beginning and end of each day. 

Therefore, if you do not have a membership that gives you 24/7 access, you should call (740-527-3290)  or write to us ([email protected]) before your visit. 


The state guidelines are still in flux (are facemasks required or just recommended?). We will write to you when we digest the new requirements and apply them to NEWORK Space. 

At a minimum, expect to observe the CDC guidelines that have been in effect since mid-March:

Additionally, we ask that you:

As the demand for remote work has increased, we are preparing to give remote workers and their employers a workplace that meets their needs. Expect to see some new product offerings. Stay tuned to see how we adapt to these new challenges! 

Wishing you good health and patience as we all work together to get through this period,

Your Community Managers

March 24 Message to NEWORK community:

Subject: Continued Limited Operations at NEWORK Space

Dear Members and Guests,

On Sunday Governor DeWine issued a Stay-At-Home order for the State of Ohio through April 6. In light of this new order, NEWORK Space will continue to remain closed for events and meetings, as well as use by customers holding day passes or 12-punch cards. 

According to the order, however, many of our members are “essential businesses” in construction services, accounting, financial services and real estate, to name a few. We provide infrastructure for these businesses, which we interpret as designating NEWORK Space an essential business, and therefore we will remain available for use by for members. 

To reduce risk to our Community Managers, we will not have a Community Manager on site, nor will we have coffee service, but the internet and printing are available. Over the last week, we have had some members use the space, and there is plenty of room to spread out and observe social distancing. And it is quiet! 

If you have an office, dedicated desk, floating or flex seat, and if you would like to use NEWORK Space, please observe the following:

•        Please wash your hands thoroughly when you enter the space on the first floor. 

•        Use the cleaning supplies placed at the front door, in kitchen areas and bathrooms to wipe any surfaces you come into contact with before leaving the space. 

•        Work from home if you or any member of your household is unwell. 

•        Please arrange for any packages to be delivered to another address for the time being since our doors will be locked. We can receive mail through our mail slot as usual, and we will notify you if you have mail.

Unfortunately, we must all act as though we are potential carriers, even if we are asymptomatic at the moment. We must act for the good of our community to keep our families, friends, colleagues and neighbors healthy. If we all pitch in, this will pass quickly, and we will recover fully. 

We will connect with you as events evolve. Please reach out to us at 740-527-3290 or by email if you have any questions. 

Wishing you all good health through this challenging period, and look forward to returning to normal operations,

March 16 Message to NEWORK community:

Subject: Changes to Operations at NEWORK Space

Dear Members and Guests of NEWORK Space:

We want to make sure that our members, guests and managers remain healthy and safe during the current pandemic. Last week we placed extra cleaning supplies on each floor, and asked everyone to help us by wiping down the areas that they use.

On Sunday, Governor DeWine announced the closings of restaurants and bars to limit gatherings. He stressed how seriously we need to take this pandemic and described actions to avoid its spread.  Therefore, we are making the following changes to our operations starting today through the end of March:

•        We are cancelling our Lunch-n-Learn on the 18th and the member pizza lunch on the 25th. 

•        We will check with customers who have booked meetings through the end of March to see if they will continue as scheduled.

•        Our space remains open to our members with 24/7 access. We ask that members wash their hands thoroughly when they enter the space on the first floor, and wipe any surfaces they come into contact with before they leave the space. Please work from home if you or any member of your household is unwell. That said, we must all act as though we are potential carriers, even if we are asymptomatic at the moment.

•        We will not always man the front desk during regular business hours to reduce risk to our community managers. Please call 740-527-3290 if you need help.

•        Members with flex seats and guests with day passes or 12-punch cards can come in to work if they call us ahead of time to arrange entry. 

•        Please arrange for any packages to be delivered to another address for the time being since our doors will be locked. We can receive mail through our mail slot as usual.

It is with great sadness that we take these actions, and we will reassess as events develop. We all look forward to returning to business as normal. This is a challenging time for everyone, and by working together it will pass more quickly. Thank you for helping to keep us all healthy.